Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Sunday Top Five: The Deca Iron Top Five

167 hours in to the Deca Ironman race in Mexico and they're well into the run section now.

NumNameCityGroupLapsDistance CompletedTimeLast LapPlace
11Christian MauditFranceMale143272,137 km Run167:29:540:21:301
13David ClampEnglandMale113215,227 km Run166:40:330:34:132
16Roger LehmanUSAMale64122,274 km Run167:26:360:26:023
12Antal VonekiHungaryMale61116,583 km Run167:35:220:21:164
10Wayne P. KurtzUSAMale4790,025 km Run167:26:280:14:145

Dave Clamp has 110 laps to go and is slowly catching  Christian Maudit who has 87 laps to complete. However Dave's had to strap up his right ankle and is suffering  a wee bit.

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