Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Interview Bingo

Interviewed another batch of 10 locals last week. Played bingo with the other interviewer to keep us awake.

We each had 6 items to spot:

  1. Baseball hat at jaunty angle
  2. Sparkly writing on t-shirt
  3. flared jeans
  4. English so bad he can't understand being asked to leave
  5. too much after shave
  6. slicked back hair
  1. Hat (non baseball)
  2. Sparkly writing on jeans
  3. chain wallet
  4. argues about money
  5. B.O
  6. sunglasses on head
I lost by one point.


  1. and did you actually manage to employ anyone?

  2. The bad english one. We had that a while ago, I had to go and look for a local to ask him to leave, but they'd all gone home, it took a while to get him out.

    This time we hired 4/10 people, which is much better than usual. Mind you we're now starting to see some turn over of the previous batches and are firing a few...