Thursday, 23 February 2012


My cloning experiment has been sabotaged. I came home from work last night to find all of my efforts destroyed - all biological material had been removed from my house.
When I first walked in, I thought I'd been burgled. There was the instant feeling that things weren't as I'd left them in the morning. Then I noticed stuff on the table had moved and some of the furniture wasn't in the exact same place. Some of the curtains were half open and the fans were still on in the bathroom. 
The most obvious sign of an intruder was in the kitchen, where there was a large mess of plates and pans that had been cleared up. Washed and dried. 
In the bedroom, someone had gone to great effort to rip the sheets and pillow cases and throw them all into the washing  machine.
The bathrooms and shower room were pretty dirty, no effort had been made to clean them.
Until yesterday, when my the cleaning wallah paid a visit and transformed my bachelor pad back into a family home, smelling of pine, zest and other stuff I had in unopened bottles under the sink.
So after months of painstakingly gathering enough genetic material over all surfaces in my house, an over zealous houseboy has ensured that my clone will never rise from the dust.
And he came again today, I think I've now got a regular cleaner.  I'm putting my laundry out tomorrow to see if the washing & ironing wallah come along too.

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