Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Alan Sugar

Having heard a rumour about one of my new hires, I invited him to my office for a motivational chat yesterday. The gist of which was:

Me: I heard you asked to leave the rig so you could take some papers to another company ?

Mhd: It's a mistake boss, I just have to give them certificates

Me: Why ?

Mhd: I have exam with them before I join you, they call me and ask me to take my papers.

Me: So you're going to work for them ?

Mhd: I wait for them to tell me boss, but no problem, I work for you.

Me: So you work for me, but if they call you, you will leave and work for them ?

Mhd: Yes boss, no problem

Me: You're fired*. 

*any employment lawyers rubbing their hands, please note it was within his 3 month probationary period, so it's all perfectly legal. He also got to choose : door or window.

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  1. liking your new 'do, you could lose the face fungus tho