Monday, 9 April 2012

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

Saudi mothers must be the most unhealthy and sickly group of people on the planet.

I can't believe how many of my staff can't goto work or need to come back from the rig early because their mother is ill.

I've never had a day off work due to my mum being ill and that's got nothing to do with wanting to get her back for all the times she sent me to school while I was struggling to keep out the clutches of the Reaper.

The doting sons who work for me now get one chance for a sick relative. Just one. So I advise them to tell their family to take really good care of their health, otherwise someone's out of a job.


  1. you're tempting fate aren't you?

    "I've never had a day off work due to my mum being ill"

    I can hear mom's thought processes now...

    "I do so miss my little, ickle boy. I'm going to get pneumonia/break my wrist/shoulder again. He's bound to come and visit me and cook me nice thai curry, because he knows I wont survive on his father's omlettes"

  2. Ed your Blog is more entertaining than all the running BBC soap series...