Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Sunday Top Five: 5 Careers sadly not pursued

1. 'Glamour' photographer - as much travel and as many hot women as the other jobs, but without the risks

* I spent many hours, many very happy hours, looking at photos to put here. It's amazing what Google Images offers for 'glamour photography', especially when you set the 'safe search' option to off. I can't post anything suitable, but the results confirmed why this is #1.

2. Motorbike racer - So much cooler than F1 drivers, although spending 75% of the year in a motorhome is a bit pikey

3. Fighter pilot - I met a guy once who flew Tornadoes, I wanted to ask him, "If that's your day job, what the hell do you do for fun ?"

4. Rock guitarist - Playing like Angus Young, without looking like him

160m Down and 'Bunny Ears' is still funny

5. Commercial Saturation Diver - big money, crazy lifestyle, deep water and huge risks

** It goes without saying that being ' Mr Kylie Minogue'  isn't a recognised career.

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